• Owl Corporation
    1900 Graves Court
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21222
  • 410-282-0067 phone
    410-282-0096 fax
  • Jeff Lester

  • email: jlpaperbuyer@aol.com

Hours of Operation 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Full Scale Recycling Facility

Specializing in Recyclable Paper

Over the years, the Owl Corporation has grown from a one-acre tract to our current nine-acre facility. That growth allows all types of recycling needs to be processed

Our paper recycling capabilities are highlighted by two HRB balers, a sorting line, and an extensive materials-handling drop area. This safe and secure establishment makes the Owl Corporation one of the most efficient recycling facilities on the East Coast

At the Owl Corporation, we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented business


Tractor trailer and roll off truck service available.

Roll off truck service available for container drop-off sites.Different containers available to fit specific needs of operation.

Great location and easy access to drop-off small quantities of recyclable paper and metals.

Competitive paper pricing consistent with published markets.

We will help design a recycling program to meet your specific needs.

Owl Metals is conveniently located next to our facility

With a site located in the south end of Baltimore County, We are positioned to serve not just Baltimore and the state of maryland, but also Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and the Washington, DC Metropolitan areas. The Owl Corporation is within close proximity to the Port of Baltimore, allowing for both domestic and international service.